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S.Mitra - Sample Preparation Techniques in Analytical Chemistry

edi gunawan

Sample preparation is important in all aspects of chemical, biological, materials, and surface analysis. Notable among recent developments are faster, greener extraction methods and microextraction techniques. Specialized sample preparations, such as self-assembly of analytes on nanoparticles for surface enhancement, have also evolved. Developments in highthroughput workstations for faster preparation–analysis of a large number of samples are impressive. These use 96-well plates (moving toward 384 wells) and robotics to process hundreds of samples per day, and have revolutionized research in the pharmaceutical industry. Advanced microfabrication techniques have resulted in the development of miniaturized chemical analysis systems that include microscale sample preparation on a chip. Considering all these, sample preparation has evolved to be a separate discipline within the analytical/measurement sciences. (read more) or (download here)

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